WordCamp Experience

I had a pretty interesting day yesterday.
After being up till close to 2am I woke up at 5:30am, showered and drove to the airport to do my 10am talk at WordCamp 2007.
My flight landed at 8:30am and I was picked up by my old buddy Joe Engo. After a couple wrong turns we finally got to the event location at 9:30 in time to get setup.

mightyseek_at_wordcamp.jpg I finally had a chance to meet Matt Mullenweg, and was thoroughly impressed, this is one young man to watch. To think that at 23, hes at the head of a project thats impacted so many people, and has gained so much interest and respect, and has managed to build a business model around an open sourced app… no easy feat.

So then it sets in. I’m the opening presenter to this conference… I’ve really been too busy to have thought much about my talk at WordCamp the preceding couple of weeks because work has been crazy busy. But standing there getting setup to open the conference I got a bit nervous. Its also been a couple years since doing one of these types of things, so I really started feeling completely unprepared.

Matt introduces me and I ask the audience a few questions about whos familiar with podcasting (everyone) and how many podcasters are out there (a few). Well, this kind of took some thunder out of my slides intended to be used to help explain podcasting basics. I had to think quick to adjust my talk and explain my views of how I feel podcasting to be a little more personal and blah blah. Was a bit of a slow start.

So I figured I could launch into the stuff about podPress and show of the features and talk some praise of WordPress, which I started… and then the Internet connection went dead. Just as I was starting to feel a little comfortable…
With some quick action by the Automattic team I got back online and was quickly followed by the audience and was able to start cracking some lame jokes and getting into a groove about podPress, podcasting and WordPress.

Even with the slow start, I felt like I was finally able to connect and coherently discuss some of the things I am passionate about, and hopefully show how easy it is to get into podcasting, the cool features of podPress and the amazing platform WordPress provided that enabled me to create the feature set. The talk was video taped, so as soon as I get a copy of the video I will be adding the media to this post so it will end up in my feed as a video podcast.

As soon as my talk was over, I chatted with a few people in the lobby for about half and hour, and then headed to the airport to get back home. Next year, as a speaker or not, I’m going to make sure to plan better so I can stay for the entire weekend.

Update: The video is now available.

The Sierra Network (ImagiNation) – Lives again

Back in the early 90’s, yes back even before most had even heard of the Internet and the geeks spent most of their time on BBS’s there were a few online services trying to get going. AOL, Prodigy and CompuServe were fairly well known, but there was one other that stole my heart. It was the ImagiNation Network and primarily MedievaLand and its first game The Shadow of Yserbius.

Way back before World of Warcraft, Never Winter Nights, Ultima Online there was The Shadow of Yserbius which really set the bar for online gaming.

The whole network was unbelievable in its scope. You could play the D&D style Yserbius, card games at the club house, gamble at CasinoLand, have simulated dog fights in the Red Baron game, play the popular Boogers game, and ever get help with your home work.
To this day I have not seen anything to match the fun and variety that I had the privilege to experience back in the days when I was spending thousands of dollars and endless hours experiencing life “online”.

I have cherished my memories of those days and have copies of all the old software and hacks which I have kept faithfully for the last 15 years. I have joined a couple efforts to re-create the world, but all have failed… until now. A guy that goes by the name of byoung was able to re-create the server so that the old client software is able to work in DosBox which redirects the modem calls over TCP/IP. His website has all the software and directions to get setup very easily. It took me all of 10 mins to get everything installed and working. **To make it even easier to get started use the installer I created**

I spent about 4 hours online yesterday playing The Shadow of Yserbius with a few other people and building up my character. Oh man have I forgotten a ton, but the memories flooding back are a total blast. Even if you never played back in the day, I encourage you to get setup with it and join the growing community of users. If you let me know you will be in, I will be glad to join you for any game you like. Im having fun re-discovering all the cool stuff in this world of ImagiNation.