Dirtiest Web Sites of Summer 2009

Norton just release a report of what they consider the 100 Dirtiest Web Sites of Summer 2009. This is to say in terms of security, not indecentcy.  Altho as it turns out 48% of the sites listed are also of an adult content nature. The thing I found interesting is the number of sites with totally random types of content, such as deer hunting, kareoke, and family fun sites. Those villians will stop at nothing!

There are solutions to help you land on these known bad sites, such as google safe browsing for firefox. Now keep in mind, as brought up in my last post… be extra careful about where you stick your cell phone ;)

An Information Security Place Podcast – Episode 23

I returned as a guest host… looks like I may become a regular part of the cast. I promise I wont keep cross posting these forever, but doing it again since we talked about a blog post I had written yesterday.

Full show notes can be found at The Information Security Place site

Web Security On Cell Phones

I have been noticing how quick my friends are about grabbing their iPhones/Smartphones when we are discussing something. They dont hessitate to pull up whatever site the search engine indicates may answer a question or even pull up some security site on their phone.

These same users are paranoids on their desktop, with anti-virus/malware tools, browser plugins like noscript and so forth. They “know” about security, but something about smartphones turn off this logic and safe browsing practices go out the window.

From what I can see most malware these days are delivered via web browser attacks and email. Its only a matter of time for the web and email attacks to be targetted at your smartphone. A device that has firmware that rarely if ever will be updated once a security problem is found. Its fertile ground… be aware.

Heres a brief article bring up the same issue http://www.securitypronews.com/insiderreports/insider/spn-49-20090819SmartphoneUsersTakeWebThreatsLightly.html

MightySeek on InfoSecPlace Podcast

The MightySeek Podcast is returning.

I am starting an effort to have a show posted every 2 weeks, with hopes for a Hands On Series every 2 months.

I will also be joining the An Information Security Place podcast as well. They do a podcast about general information security and I will be the resident webappsec expert to comment on those topics. This post is going to link to that episode 22 of the An Information Security Place podcast. I will not be normally doing this, but am doing it this week to get things rolling.

podPress Development Starts Again

I am back and have started development on the next version of podPress. A few things have lined up to make this possible

  • My work schedule is now setup to allow me to be more active in the community again, which means I can now get podPress dev and my Podcast going again.
  • Tons of people keep bugging me for updates, and I have appreciated every one of them
  • And special thanks to the new sponsor for giving me the final push that was needed to get going on development again.