An Information Security Place Podcast – Episode 04-2011

Hey, all three of us are here, and on schedule…. somebody check the temp outside :)

Show Notes:

InfoSec News Update -

  • coming soon – HouSecCon, BSidesDFW, and LasCon
  • Gonzales Update – Link Here
  • Dropbox Pwnage -Link Here
  • TX exposes 3.5 Mill records – Link Here
  • Yet another Security Company Fail – Link Here
  • IPhone keylogger – Link Here
  • Law Firms Under Siege – Link Here

Discussion Topic – Reading the Fine Print in Cloud Computing – Link Here

Music Notes:

Special Thanks to the guys at RivetHead for use of their tracks –

Tour dates:

  • Apr 20, 2011 – Sevendust, RIVETHEAD and TBA – Trees – Dallas, TX
  • May 7, 2011 – Powderburn and RIVETHEAD – BFE Rock Club – Houston, TX
  • Jun 4, 2011 – RIVETHEAD, The Razorblade Dolls, Horror Cult and more – The Rail – Fort Worth, TX
  • Jul 9, 2011 – RIVETHEAD, Powderburn, Earthrot and more – Tomcats West – Fort Worth, TX

Intro – RivetHead – “Stirring It Up Again”
News Bed – RivetHead - “Beautiful Disaster”
Discussion Bed – RivetHead - “Difference”
Outro – RivetHead – “Zero Gravity”

About Dan Kuykendall
Dan Kuykendall is the founder and co-CEO at the premier application security solutions provider NT OBJECTives, Inc. Throughout his career, Dan has helped develop advanced dynamic application security testing software, a fundamental aspect to NT OBJECTives’ reputation as a leader in comprehensive web application scanning. Dan has also worked for McAfee’s Foundstone and Fortis, where he founded the U.S. Information Security team. Connect with Dan on Google+

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