An Information Security Place Podcast – Episode 07-2011

Today we have an interview for you. Michael had a great time sitting down with four gentlemen (they might not all agree with that term) from SpiderLabs over at Trustwave. The aforementioned SpiderLabs folks were Nicholas Percoco (@c7five), Steve Ocepek (@nosteve), Matt Jakubowski (@jaku), and Zack Fasel (@zfasel) – those are Twitter aliases for you newbs out there.

They went over their respective histories, talked about SpiderLabs and their leetness, discussed a few talks that they are doing at DEFCON, talked about their party at DEFCON that will be held in a super-secret location, and went through about 50 SpiderLabs insider jokes.

Michael is also pretty sure someone (Zack) was enjoying adult beverages (Zack) during the recording (Zack), but he might be wrong…

Enjoy the show. And once again, thanks to Rivethead for the tracks. Go out to their website to see the latest on them, where they are playing, and all their news.

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Dan Kuykendall is the founder and co-CEO at the premier application security solutions provider NT OBJECTives, Inc. Throughout his career, Dan has helped develop advanced dynamic application security testing software, a fundamental aspect to NT OBJECTives’ reputation as a leader in comprehensive web application scanning. Dan has also worked for McAfee’s Foundstone and Fortis, where he founded the U.S. Information Security team. Connect with Dan on Google+

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