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podPress Development Starts Again

I am back and have started development on the next version of podPress. A few things have lined up to make this possible

  • My work schedule is now setup to allow me to be more active in the community again, which means I can now get podPress dev and my Podcast going again.
  • Tons of people keep bugging me for updates, and I have appreciated every one of them
  • And special thanks to the new sponsor for giving me the final push that was needed to get going on development again.

podPress 8.3 Released – With Podango Support

For all the details, check out the changelog but this is one release that cleans up a ton of mess and adds in support for full integration with the Podango API.

Theres still a few tiny features I want to add in, but its in good shape, and I need sleep so I can run off to the Podcast Expo in a few hours.

UPDATE – Bug in this version… of course, so hang on for next release due out in a few hours

WordCamp Experience

I had a pretty interesting day yesterday.
After being up till close to 2am I woke up at 5:30am, showered and drove to the airport to do my 10am talk at WordCamp 2007.
My flight landed at 8:30am and I was picked up by my old buddy Joe Engo. After a couple wrong turns we finally got to the event location at 9:30 in time to get setup.

mightyseek_at_wordcamp.jpg I finally had a chance to meet Matt Mullenweg, and was thoroughly impressed, this is one young man to watch. To think that at 23, hes at the head of a project thats impacted so many people, and has gained so much interest and respect, and has managed to build a business model around an open sourced app… no easy feat.

So then it sets in. I’m the opening presenter to this conference… I’ve really been too busy to have thought much about my talk at WordCamp the preceding couple of weeks because work has been crazy busy. But standing there getting setup to open the conference I got a bit nervous. Its also been a couple years since doing one of these types of things, so I really started feeling completely unprepared.

Matt introduces me and I ask the audience a few questions about whos familiar with podcasting (everyone) and how many podcasters are out there (a few). Well, this kind of took some thunder out of my slides intended to be used to help explain podcasting basics. I had to think quick to adjust my talk and explain my views of how I feel podcasting to be a little more personal and blah blah. Was a bit of a slow start.

So I figured I could launch into the stuff about podPress and show of the features and talk some praise of WordPress, which I started… and then the Internet connection went dead. Just as I was starting to feel a little comfortable…
With some quick action by the Automattic team I got back online and was quickly followed by the audience and was able to start cracking some lame jokes and getting into a groove about podPress, podcasting and WordPress.

Even with the slow start, I felt like I was finally able to connect and coherently discuss some of the things I am passionate about, and hopefully show how easy it is to get into podcasting, the cool features of podPress and the amazing platform WordPress provided that enabled me to create the feature set. The talk was video taped, so as soon as I get a copy of the video I will be adding the media to this post so it will end up in my feed as a video podcast.

As soon as my talk was over, I chatted with a few people in the lobby for about half and hour, and then headed to the airport to get back home. Next year, as a speaker or not, I’m going to make sure to plan better so I can stay for the entire weekend.

Update: The video is now available.

podPress more than one year old

Today I was pondering the success of the podPress project since it started which got me to trying to remember how long its been. So a quick look at the change log shows that I released the first version on Feb 2nd of 2006.

So, its only a year and one month old!

What started as a quick hack to wordpress that I wanted to use to bring attention to my little podcast, has become far more widely appreciated and used than I could have ever guessed.
I want to thank you all for your support and thanks that I get in forum posts, emails and paypal donations. They all matter very much to me, and encourage my development to continue.

A special thanks also to macx who, over the last couple of months has really taking the initial quick little stats feature and turned it into something impressive. Its always great fun when I can chat about code with another developer and enjoy the collaborative artistic effort that software development can be.

Still alive and kicking

I know its been fairly quiet from me. No new versions of podPress and no new podcasts. The absense has been due to an extremely busy schedule, and a slight bit of lazyness on my part. Ive been doing TONS of reseach, and not had the energy to push out my findings just yet.

Well thats all changing now. Today I released a new version of podPress and am preping to push out a podcast in the next day or two.
Thanks for all of you still out there watching, I’ll make sure to avoid big gaps like this again.


Questions for podcast with Dan (PodPress developer)

James Woodcock will be interviewing me in the coming days, and so posted this on the forums.

Click here to get to the forum topic

Dan (Mighty Seek) developer of the PodPress plugin for WordPress, will be interviewed in one of my future blogcasts on my website.

If you have any questions you would like him to answer about either his PodPress plugin or security, please ring my automated (non-premium) voicemail on UK: 0207 193 3092 or Worldwide: +44 207 193 3092 or for free on skype id: glidem

The best questions will be included in the show…..
>> Hear more about PodPress, in my audio interview with Dan Kuykendall << – My personal online diary covering the internet that I find of interest including audio interviews, music, gaming, technology, gadgets, websites, free downloads and general articles.

For-Pay Only Podcasting (Password Protected)

Today I learned about iTunes support for password protected podcasts, and am thinking about the security issues, planning out how I can support this in PodPress as well as what this means for podcasting in general.

Overall I think this is very cool for podcasting, because it can open the doors for various content providers to jump in and start offering content. It may also allow existing podcasters to start offering special pay-only content. I know many want everything for free, but Im not opposed to paying people for the time and talent they pour into creating great content.

That aside, I was most curious about the technical issues involved. So I dug in…

Last week I heard that radio talk show host Rush Limbaugh announced that his show would be available from within iTunes. For several months his show was available as a “podcast” which meant his subscribers could download MP3’s a few hours after each show aired. At the time this happened, I dug into the custom downloader, sniffed out the traffic and figured out how it all worked. It wasnt complicated, but it wasnt a real podcast, there was no RSS feed with enclosures, and no way standard podcatchers could ever support it.

Now the landscape has changed, and this is a new solution that works with iTunes. I still didnt know how it was going to work, but my guess was that it had to do with HTTP BasicAuth. This morning the website had the link, and I had my Paros Proxy. I configured my computer to run thru the local proxy, and I went about getting the show into my iTunes, recording all the network traffic along the way.

It turned out to be much easier than I expected. It did use HTTP BasicAuth, and it only does so for the rss feed.
So what we have is a link to the RSS feed, but with the protocol defined as itpc, which I assume to mean ITunesPodCast and is something that iTunes is registered to handle.

So the link looks something like this:


Note: Just because the protocol is itpc instead of http, does not mean you couldnt go to this URL with your browser

If you try, you will get a password prompt. This is using standard HTTP BasicAuth, and once you give your credentials you would get the RSS Feed.
The feed itself is a standard iTunes compliant RSS2 document like we are all used to. As far as the MP3 files themselves, there is only security by obscurity. I will not give an actual URL to one of the MP3 files, but its something along the lines of /username/48123789787qe98/rushlimb/2006/03/ Rush%20Limbaugh%20-%20Mar%2010%202006%20-%20Hour%201.mp3

If you had the actual URL, you could download the MP3 without any sort of authentication. Of course, security by obscrurity is not an ideal solution, but in the case of this type of content it serves the need. It should also be easy use the same HTTP BasicAuth to protect the MP3 files is so desired.

I have also found out that the popular podcatcher Juice supports HTTP BasicAuth as well, so using this solution really seems the way to go.

I believe I can add support into PodPress for all this at some point, and the bottom line is that this is an interesting and exciting development in the Podcasting world.

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