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RSA 2013: Stay connected with the best talks, security news and giveaways!

RSA 2013 begins today. Whether you are or aren’t able to make the trip this year, there are more ways than ever to stay connected.

Our friends over at Checkmarx, created this great site, Where Alice Met Bob, which provides real time information on the best talks, latest relevant security news & cool vendor giveaways. The site has a bunch of fun features like a live video feed from the Checkmarx booth and a chance to register for a giveaway from Checkmarx. Register for a chance to win an RSA care package that includes vendor giveaways and cool prizes. Check it out!


Have you met Alice and Bob? Don’t worry, this isn’t a euphemism for something like “What Happens in Vegas stays in Vegas.” That would be Black Hat. Alice and Bob are just good old security lore dating back to 1978. Read RSA’s blog about Alice and Bob.

RSA lists a bunch of ways to stay to RSA connected through social media.

You can also stay connected through your favorite security tweets and blogs. We look forward to a great week! Connect with us @ntobjectives, @dan_kuykendall and @kdinerman.

We also just created a Facebook page. If you want to join us there,

RSA 2012: NT Objectives hosts ISE® VIP wine tasting reception & book signing with Kevin Mitnick

We are looking forward to RSA 2012 in San Francisco. We are excited to be hosting a VIP reception and a book signing with Kevin Mitnick with T.E.N and their ISE® Alumni VIP Hosts.

Each guest will receive a complimentary copy of Ghost in the Wires, enjoy tasting some rare wines from Europe’s finest boutique wineries with me and have the opportunity to  connect with leading CISOs.

The wines have been selected by NTO’s own wine geek, me, and come from San Francisco’s hottest wine bar, Terroir. These are “natural” wines (WARNING: That links to a video that unnecessarily overuses and abuses of the f-bomb, but it is the best explanation of natural wines and its entertaining as well.) made with minimal intervention to preserve their unique flavor profiles and as such, are favored by industry insiders and wine geeks.

As the ISE® VIP Programs have been oversubscribed in previous years due to limited availability and strong interest, we recommend that you register early.

Hope to see you there!

More information on the NTObjective’s ISE VIP Reception and Book Signing