Live Webcast 5/2: Application Security in a Hurry w/451 Research Director Wendy Nather

We’re looking forward to our upcoming webinar with 451 Research Director, Wendy Nather next week on 5/2. Wendy and I will be discussing a trend we have noticed. More and more security executives are demanding urgent application security audits in response to an attack on themselves, a competitor or someone they know. (Register)

During this webcast, we’ll discuss specific examples, strategies and techniques for how to scale your application security program to address hundreds or thousands of applications and how to avoid the common technology and process pitfalls.

This webinar will be helpful to anyone working in application security and focused on improving the effectiveness and efficiency of their program. The thing is, whether you are doing this in a hurry or building an application security program, the pitfalls are the same. They are just much more painful when you are trying to do a massive scale rapid scan.

Participants of this webinar will learn how to address common pitfalls like:

  • Effectively assess attack surface
  • Identify & avoid potential bottlenecks
  • Know when to use automation v humans
  • Define requirements for scan deliverables
  • Reduce false positives & prioritize in a target-rich environment
  • Remediate vulnerabilities rapidly & patch with a WAF easily

Join us on 5/2. Register today!

About Dan Kuykendall
Dan Kuykendall is the founder and co-CEO at the premier application security solutions provider NT OBJECTives, Inc. Throughout his career, Dan has helped develop advanced dynamic application security testing software, a fundamental aspect to NT OBJECTives’ reputation as a leader in comprehensive web application scanning. Dan has also worked for McAfee’s Foundstone and Fortis, where he founded the U.S. Information Security team. Connect with Dan on Google+

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