MightySeek on InfoSecPlace Podcast

The MightySeek Podcast is returning.

I am starting an effort to have a show posted every 2 weeks, with hopes for a Hands On Series every 2 months.

I will also be joining the An Information Security Place podcast as well. They do a podcast about general information security and I will be the resident webappsec expert to comment on those topics. This post is going to link to that episode 22 of the An Information Security Place podcast. I will not be normally doing this, but am doing it this week to get things rolling.

About Dan Kuykendall
Dan Kuykendall is the founder and co-CEO at the premier application security solutions provider NT OBJECTives, Inc. Throughout his career, Dan has helped develop advanced dynamic application security testing software, a fundamental aspect to NT OBJECTives’ reputation as a leader in comprehensive web application scanning. Dan has also worked for McAfee’s Foundstone and Fortis, where he founded the U.S. Information Security team. Connect with Dan on Google+

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  1. Dan, just listened to the podcast. Great show and it is fantastic to have you back. I even liked the music (no offense taken). While there are many security podcasts nowadays, there are still relatively few podcasts done by someone on the application security side of the field. I really enjoy your insight into recent news and the clear-sighted interviews. Thank you for doing the show.

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