NT OBJECTives and Coverity release integrated SAST and DAST

We are happy to announce our partnership with Coverity and the general availability the first Interactive Application Security Testing (IAST) solution to be built on a “developer-ready” platform. With this integration, the results from NTO’s Dynamic Application Security Testing (DAST) solution, NTOSpider, are integrated into the development workflow of Coverity’s Static Application Security Testing (SAST) solution and then automatically correlated, enabling security teams to find and fix security defects earlier in the lifecycle and improving collaboration between security and development teams.

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The NT OBJECTives and Coverity combined solution is:

  • Fully integrated into existing development workflow
  • Built in a language developers already understand
  • Enables developers to quickly and efficiently remediate security defects
  • Empowers developer to address and prioritize defects as code is written
Correlated results of an XSS vulnerability
Correlated results of an XSS vulnerability

The benefits of our IAST solution are:

Higher Results Confidence: By integrating NTOSpider with the Coverity Development Testing Platform, we’re enhancing our already highly accurate analysis by combining the detection of a potential vulnerability found through SAST, with verification through a real-time exploit attempt provided by DAST. The combined solution determines whether the vulnerability is real and where in the code is located.

Comprehensive Analysis From Two Perspectives: By combining the Coverity Development Testing Platform with NTOSpider, our customers know they are leveraging two state-of-the-art solutions to achieve maximum application coverage.

Increased Efficiency: Developers prioritize vulnerabilities quickly and easily from a single pane of glass and unified workflow.

Improved Collaboration between Security and Development: By combining results into one solution that developers already use, security and development teams can improve communication, prioritization and remediation efforts around security vulnerabilities.

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About Kim Dinerman
Kim is currently the VP of Marketing at NT OBJECTives. She has been focused on application security since early 2005 where served as Director of Product Marketing at SPI Dynamics and as Global Campaigns Manager at Hewlett Packard. Prior to 2005, she was Director of Product Management at EzGov and she began her career at Accenture where she spent eight years IT consulting. Connect with Kim on Google+

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