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While at the PPME I met up with the legendary Evo Terra and got to sit in on a recording of the great Slice of SciFi podcast, which was quite alot of fun. It was recorded in Evo’s hotel room with a bunch of us hanging out in there. Amoung the live audience Mattew Wayne Selznick (author of Brave Men Run), podcasting “good guy” Paul Puri (founder of the Podcasters Guild), podcasting “mean guy” Steve Eley (Escape Pod), and fellow security podcasters Michael Santarcangelo (Security Catalyst) and Martin McKeay (Network Security Podcast).

I was pretty silent thru most of it, but toward the end Evo went around the room introducing each of us and asking a few questions. I hassled them a little (all in good fun) and got quite a laugh/boo out of it. It was a great time and it alone was worth getting to the PPME for me.

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