iPhone – I dont get the hype

Its crazy… I really just dont get this crazyness over an insanely priced cell phone. Now keep in mind, I live with my video iPod, it goes everwhere with me and most of the TV and movies I see these days are on the thing. I also look forward to the day that I can have a single device so that I dont have to carry the iPod and cell phone.

However, the iPhone just isnt it for me. Its cool, and its heading toward the dream of having a single device, but for $600 and having to switch to a crappy cell phone carrier, NO THANKS. Aside from the price and cell phone carrier monopoly, I really just cant stand touch pad phone buttons. I need to be able to dial without looking, and can only do that with actual buttons. Touch screens wear out, and become a pain to push the button you want. Im sure you are all experienced in using the touch screens at the market when you pay by debit card, and the hassles when they start wearing out. Do we really want that on our cell phone, where we have a $600 price tag to replace the thing. No me.

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