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WAF != Firewall

September 1, 2011 Dan Kuykendall 3

A “Web Application Firewall” is not a “Firewall”! Why are “Web Application Firewall’s” (WAF’s) called “Firewalls”? I think the term firewall was initially used by vendors […]

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Dropbox (in)security

May 19, 2011 Dan Kuykendall 1

Dropbox is a handy solution for storing files in “the cloud” and having the ability to sync from various devices (PC/Mac/iPhone/Andriod). The idea is that […]

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Security Snake Oil

February 3, 2009 Dan Kuykendall 0

Why Known Vulnerability Checks for Web Applications Simply Don’t Work. This paper explains the ineffectiveness of known vuln checkers such as Nikto, Wikto and other […]