Results of a New SANS Survey on Application Security Policies in Enterprises

Please join us for this upcoming webcast, SANS Survey on Application Security Policies in Enterprises, on December 13 at 1 PM EDT where SANS will be presenting results of its first Survey on Application Security Policies in Enterprises.  The survey reveals some very insightful trends about application security.


For just a little sneak peek of what will be covered…It appears that enterprise  awareness of application security issues has become fairly standard with 66% of the survey’s nearly 700 respondents stating that some application security policies are in place. But, its not surprising to any of us that respondents reported inconsistent testing practices. There are still big hurdles in enabling a comprehensive application security (AppSec) program. Join us for this interactive webcast as we discuss the state of application security and the major hurdles to implementing an effective program.

(SANS press release on survey)
During this webcast, SANS and other industry experts and sponsors will discuss the results of the survey in response to the following questions:

  • What is driving companies’ application security programs?
  • Where do they see the greatest risks?
  • Where are they focusing their application security resources?
  • What practices are most organizations following?
  • What tools and services do they rely on the most?
  • What are the specific challenges to their application security programs?
  • How mature are their programs?
  • And, just how effective are they?

Hope to see you there!

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