Surviving the Week – 05/04/2012

Insight to online black markets and how they work

A short article that provides a brief look at how bitcoins and Tor make anonymous black markets tick.

Revelo – Javascript Deobfuscator

This tool works by converts the submitted Javascript with some user-based modifications to an HTML file.  It then opens the file and extracts deobfuscated elements using the Internet Explorer engine. This tool does rely on the user to make some choices based on some understanding of the obfuscated script. While this tool does have some protections built into it, it may execute malicious code that could harm your computer, so use it with caution possibly within a virtual machine. This is just a prototype which works on windows XP

Other similar tools include

A Firefox plugin, JavaScript Deobfuscator,


Hacker claims to hack European Space Agency, NASA, US Air Force and  Military, French Ministry of Defense

No official information is out yet but if this information to be believed to be true, big profile applications are vulnerable to one or another web application attack. We see this kind of posts quite often now.  Test your application today with NTOSpider to find all possible vulnerabilties

Websense (Triton version 7.6) suffers from an authentication bypass vulnerability in the report management UI.

Websense is web traffic filtering software which can be used to protect networks from spyware, prevent users from viewing sexual or other inappropriate content, discourage employees from spending time browsing webpages instead of working, and similar purposes. WebSense report management UI application is vulnerable to authentication bypass. Test your application today with NTOSpider to find out all possible vulnerabilities

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